Shelter Team


Cindy Garcia | Shelter programs Manager

Cindy Garcia graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's in Human Services. She started off as a social worker in 2011 at a Domestic Violence non-profit organization in Tucson, AZ. and dedicated her career to providing services and support to survivors. Cindy has experience as a case manager, and lay legal advocacy in the court system, and managing a team and operational needs of a shelter.  Cindy began to work for Chicanos Por La Causa in 2019 and manages the Domestic Violence program at the De Colores Shelter. Cindy grew up in the neighborhood where she now works and believes it is important to provide services to people in her community. Cindy feels honored to be able to work with survivors and be present with them in their journey.


Erick Escalera | Legal advocate

Erick first joined De Colores as an AmeriCorps service member, and intern in 2016 then became a Shelter legal advocate in 2018. He is passionate about empowering clients when they are working with the legal system. Erick was born and raised in the same community he works in, West Phoenix. Erick is an Arizona State graduate with a Bachelors's in Social Work. 


Diana Loayza | Legal advocate

Diana Loayza. I started with De Colores in February of 2019 as a legal advocate.  Prior to this, I worked as a case manager for the Safe DVS/ DVSTOP program. I have also worked for Southwest Key, which offers shelter to immigrant children, as a case aide. Working in this field has opened my eyes, and awareness to the necessity of these programs, to help survivors get back on their feet. I have seen many families come and go, and always hope I have offered them all the support and resources they might need to move forward. My future goal is to return to school to further my knowledge and experience to continue to make a difference. 


Marcos Valencia | Crisis/Transitional Case Manager

Marcos came to be at De Colores in February 2019. He worked at the DVSTOP Hotline; he was aware of an open position and was advised what the position entailed. The program he now manages is through the City of Phoenix, and it is a form of DVSTOP, but for homeless families. Besides assisting in housing homeless families, he also informs the city of the outcomes of the program. While at De Colores, he has also been assigned De Colores DV Transitional Program due to his experience with former transitional programs. He has been in Arizona for twelve years; he transferred from California, where he is originally from. Marcos began working in the nonprofit sector at the front desk of a family shelter in 2002. Since then has worked with Adult Females, Adult Males, Two-Parent Families, Single Parent Families, Victims of Domestic Violence, Adults with Special Needs, and Children in a Group Home setting. Before that, he was in the military for three years. Marcos enjoys helping others. 


Mary Martinez | Crisis/Case Manager

Mary joined De Colores in May 2018, after working at a warehouse for 18 years. She always wanted to work at De Colores, so she would constantly check the CPLC website for any open position. She saw a position for Support Partner and quickly applied. She was interested after being advised what the position entailed. After 6 months, her supervisor informed her of another position, but she would be an Administrative Office Care Specialist, this time in the administrative area. In this role, she obtained experience and training in handling family cases and helping women with the process of dealing with domestic violence. After two years in that position, she decided to apply for another opening and obtained the Case Manager position.


Mary has lived in Arizona for the last 31 years; she is originally from Mexico. Upon arriving from Mexico, Mary began working in the farm fields during school vacations as she studies high school, from which she graduated in 1993. She had multiple jobs in the farm field until she obtained her legal status in this country. Mary then began working at warehouses, driving heavy machines like forklift, TSP., etc. She also spent some time selling car insurance, but her goal was to join CPLC De Colores. It wasn't until 2018 when she finally had the opportunity, like today, she enjoys being able to help people and the families who suffer from any domestic violence. 


Erika Ortiz Salazar | Case Manager

Erika is a blingual Case Manager, with five year’ experience working on shelter services of De Colores Program. As a shelter case manager Erika helps survivors to identify their own needs and address them based on a service plan.  


Sergio Robledo Garcia | Case Manager

Sergio Robledo Garcia is the Case Manager at Chicanos Por La Causa - De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter. He had previously interned at the shelter in the summer of 2019, and he absolutely loved it. Sergio enjoys working alongside such a spectacular team that dedicates their lives to the empowerment of others.

In May of 2020, he graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s in Criminology and Criminal Justice. During his academic career, he realized how little help some victims receive. Especially when it comes to domestic violence, which drove him to want to work in this field, shortly after his internship, Sergio was offered a position at the shelter as a Support Partner. Currently, Sergio is working as a Case Manager. He helps De Colores clients to find the resources that they need to not only get ahead but also to thrive. Sergio loves being able to help people in need and provide them with the guidance they may need to become fully independent.