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Cindy Garcia | Shelter programs Manager

Cindy Garcia graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor's in Human Services. She started off as a social worker in 2011 at a Domestic Violence non-profit organization in Tucson, AZ. and dedicated her career to providing services and support to survivors. Cindy has experience as a case manager, and lay legal advocacy in the court system, and managing a team and operational needs of a shelter.  Cindy began to work for Chicanos Por La Causa in 2019 and manages the Domestic Violence program at the De Colores Shelter. Cindy grew up in the neighborhood where she now works and believes it is important to provide services to people in her community. Cindy feels honored to be able to work with survivors and be present with them in their journey.

Erick Escalera | Legal advocate

Erick is an Arizona native born and raised in Phoenix/Maryvale area. He graduated ASU School of Social in 2017 because he wanted to give back to his community. Erick first joined De Colores as a Youth Services Intern in 2016. While interning, Erick assisted with developing and testing the MyPlan Safety Planning Mobile App for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence created by Survior Link. Erick is passionate about providing survivors of abuse with supportive legal support which has been community need for a long time. As a legal advocate Erick provides accompaniment to Court hearings, forensic exams, Law enforcement interviews, and Prosecutor meetings. Advocates also provide support survivors that wish to open court proceedings like Protective Orders, Divorce, Child Support, and police reporting. Erick believes that legal education and empowerment is highly beneficial in healing from trauma.

Diana Loayza | Legal advocate

Diana began working at De Colores Domestic Violence Shelter in February 2019 as a legal advocate. Diana gained experience in the field of domestic violence working as a case manager for Safe DV Services for 2 years, screening victims of abuse seeking shelter and services through a 24 hour hotline. In her current role, Diana is able to assist survivors of abuse by guiding them through the legal processes and by providing resources to better help the client with all of their options. Diana plans on returning to school to obtain a degree in the related field of social work and domestic violence. Her goal and vision is to help agencies and law enforcement implement proper training on the impact of domestic violence, and the warning signs. She hopes to achieve this goal through a successful career with CPLC.

Marcos Valencia | Crisis/Transitional Case Manager

Marcos came to be at De Colores in February 2019. He was working at the DVSTOP Hotline; he was made aware of an open position and was advised what the position entailed. The program he now manages is through the City of Phoenix and it is a form of DVSTOP, but for homeless families. Besides assisting in housing homeless families, he also informs the city of the outcomes of the program. While at De Colores, he has also been assigned De Colores DV Transitional Program due to his experience with former transitional programs. He has been in Arizona for twelve years; he transferred from California where he is originally from. Marcos began working in the nonprofit sector at the front desk of a family shelter in 2002. Prior to that, he was in the military for three years.

Lucia Cisneros | Case Manager

Lucia (Luci) is a fully bilingual professional social worker with more than 13 years of experience. Luci received her Associate in Arts with an emphasis in Psychology in 2004. In 2007, Luci graduated from Arizona State University with her Bachelors of Social Work – Generalist Practice and a minor in psychology. Luci is currently working towards her Master’s in Forensic Psychology at Grand Canyon University. Luci’s professional experience is mainly non-profits and her passion for non-profit organizations, has allowed her to work with different populations. Her passion to help and serve those in need has given Luci the experience to understand the survivor’s uniqueness along with their culture.  In her 13 years of being a social worker, Luci has had the opportunity to have worked with medically fragile adults, adoptions and foster care, unaccompanied minors and domestic violence. Since becoming a social worker, Luci has worked with individuals and families from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and, she considers herself a culturally and ethnically diversified individual. Luci’s main goal is to one day be able to provide support, education, prevention and empowerment to monolingual (Spanish) population as well as provide support services to Hispanic/Latino/Chicano Military Families. Luci’s main inspirations are her Mother, her husband Ozzy and her desire to help the most vulnerable members of society.

Erika Ortiz Salazar | Case Manager

Erika is a blingual Case Manager, with five year’ experience working on shelter services of De Colores Program. As a shelter case manager Erika helps survivors to identify their own needs and address them based on a service plan.  


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