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De Colores Shelter

The De Colores shelter opened its doors in 1986 out of a community-identified need for a domestic violence shelter. De Colores shelter would provide besides housing and meals during your stay, an environment that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for monolingual Spanish-speaking survivors and their children. Over the years, the shelter has grown and now provides an average of 500-600 survivors of sexual and domestic violence a safe and secure environment where they can seek assistance. On top of providing a safe place for survivors in crisis, the shelter also provides case management, lay legal advocacy, as well as youth programs for all survivors staying in the shelter who wish to receive such services. 

24-Hours De Colores Shelter Hotline:

(602) 269-1515 

Services Provided

  • Legal Assessments

  • Inform Survivors of Their Rights

  • Help Understand the Civil or Criminal Process

  • Legal Referrals

  • Court Preparation & Accompaniment

  • Order of Protections or Injunctions, if wanted

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