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Community Based Program 

The De Colores Community Based Program started in 2016 to further address the needs of survivors. The main goal of the Community Based Program is to provide trauma informed as well as survivor focused services to clients. Survivors choose how they would like to more forward, and the Community Based Program assists by helping survivors use their voice in order to reclaim their strengths and rights. The Community Based Program provides case management, lay legal advocacy, housing programs, youth programs, support groups, as well as after-care/follow up services to anyone leaving the De Colores shelter. All services are optional as to respect the autonomy and specific need of each individual survivor. 

De Colores Community Based Program:

(623) 247-0464 Option #3



  • Case Management

  • Lay Legal Advocacy

  • Housing Programs

  • Youth Programs

  • Support Groups

  • Promotoras Program

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