There are many myths and misconceptions that circle around sexual and domestic violence. Please click on the arrows bellow to reveal and learn about the facts of each myth. 

Myth: Domestic violence is an impulse control or anger management problem.
Myth: Most of the time, domestic violence is not really that serious. 
Myth: Domestic violence is a private family matter.

Domestic Violence 

Myth: It is easy for a victim to leave their abuser.
Myth: Domestic violence is bad but it happens elsewhere. 
Myth: Victims provoke their partner's violence.
Myth: Men cannot be sexually assaulted.

Sexual violence

Myth: Victims provoke sexual assault when they dress provocatively or in a promiscuous manner.
Myth: It's not sexual assault if it happens after drinking or taking drugs. 
Myth: A rape survivor will be battered, bruised, and hysterical. 
Myth: There is no reason for a victim not to report being raped to law enforcement. 
Myth: "If you wouldn't have been drinking, you wouldn't have been sexually assaulted."

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